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Our project leaders, linguistic experts and language teams understand today's
complex communications environment. From basic translations to complex
multimedia content, we work to ensure effective and dependable language
solutions are delivered on time and on budget.

   Your business can reach 90% of its online audience by delivering content in just 24 languages. By working with Linguitronics and focusing on 9 key European languages, and 15 others used in the Middle East and Asia, you can reach a truly global audience in an instant.

   In 2015, Simplified Chinese was the second-most requested language for translations worldwide. Linguitronics’ core expertise in Chinese language and culture ensure you need look no further for the perfect language partner.

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We are one of the most well-established language service providers in Asia. From local businesses to Fortune 500 companies, our experience and expertise cover a wide range of both commercial and industrial applications.

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Linguitronics Named in the World's Top 100 Language Service Providers

Shanghai, China – July 15, 2016 – Linguitronics ranks the 86th place among the world's top 100 language service providers, and the 15th place among Asian competitors.

The ranking was published recently in "The Language Service Market: 2016", an annual report by Common Sense Advisory (CSA), a prestigious market research firm. The report also provides an analysis of the current language service market and its trends. Linguitronics has advanced 6 places from 92th in 2015 to this year's 86th, and has ranked the 15th place among the top 30 language service providers in Asia.
CSA has been issuing annual reports on the language service industry as an independent market research company since 2002. The CSA Report is deemed as the most authoritative evaluation of this industry. According to this year's CSA Report, the global language service market has witnessed a smooth development. In 2016 the gross output value of the global industry is expected to reach 40 billion USD, growing at a rate of 5.52%.
Linguitronics has been consistently providing a full range of professional language services including translation and localization, interpretation services, technical writing, and A-to-Z™ solutions. "We aim to satisfy our customers' demands for language services to facilitate the fulfillment of their business goals," said Lydia Liu, General Manager of Linguitronics.
In 2016 Linguitronics redefined its brand image: by taking the concept of "Powered by People" as its core, the company focuses on the PEOPLE-driven nature of the language service industry, and deploys the wisdom of PEOPLE to provide satisfactory, flexible, efficient and stable services for customers.
For more information on Linguitronics' language services, please contact:
Shanghai Office
Emily Wei
Assistant Manager – Sales & Marketing
Suite 501, New Tower, No.291, East Wenshui Road, Shanghai, China 200437
Tel: +86 21 6139 8088 ext.204
Taipei Office
Cherry Hsiao
Marketing Manager
14F, No.57, Fuxing North Road, Taipei 105, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2740 0706 ext 216
QQ & Skype:
About Linguitronics
Linguitronics is proud to be powered by people. It's our people who allow us to provide clients with the world’s most exceptional language services.
We are one of Asia’s most well-established language service providers. Our genuine love of language is reflected in our manifesto and company approach which help us provide value to our clients even beyond the scope of individual projects.
With over two decades of experience in translation, interpretation, technical writing, and editing, our language services cover everything from formal communications to creative copywriting and more. Our work with Fortune 500 companies has helped multinational and Chinese companies improve communications both locally and abroad. We are located in Taipei and Shanghai, with affiliate locations in Japan, South Korea, and Europe.